Photo by  Katie Hyatt 

Photo by Katie Hyatt 


Guadalupe Goods and Fibers is the "mother" to the "daughter" of Shoppe Signora. She is the creator of handmade leather and linen goods. With the help of her daughter, Signora e Mare, they create a curated collection of natural fibers and leathers that together form unique pieces for artists and makers alike.

The story of how it actually happened began many years ago... with mother making clothes for daughter to wear because daughter just had to be "different from the other kids". Over the years, mother made many items for daughter through high school, college, and even after...with mother sighing and shaking her head at her crazy girl (but secretly glad she was). A few years later, daughter once again came to mother and asked her for her help. She wanted to create pieces for artists that would be of heirloom quality and share in the worn, tactile feel of use. Items that could be loved and were even more so because they came from love.

The story of mother, Lupe Decker, and daughter, Katie Hyatt and their collaborative beginnings. . 

Guadalupe Fibers & Signora e Mare